Questions About Sex?

Health YES! Yes or no, sex is our choice. But when we say YES to sex, we should say YES to TEST, too—because STDs can happen to anyone. For those of us who are sexually active, half of us will get an STD by the time we’re 25. So why put off getting tested for STDs?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out these videos for the scoop from sexologists, dating gurus and more.

YES to sex? #YESmeansTEST

When did you first have sex or get tested for STDs, like chlamydia?

Two best friends host women from every generation for one big sex talk.

And, when you’re ready, find a clinic near you.

Generational Talk Show

How can you keep your sex life happy and healthy?

Sexologist and certified intimacy educator answers that question and more.

Shan Boodram

Lindsey Metz

So how DO you talk about sex?



Relationship guru talks through just that and other dating questions.